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Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage

Brand Name
Place of Origin
Start Port
OEM/ODM Availability
Delivery Time
65 Days
Bag shape
Standup Pouch, 3sides Sealed Pouch, zipper bag;
Max Speed
17 BPM with 1s Discharge Filling time;
220V/50/60HZ Single Phase 5 Amps
6Kg/cm2, 0.14CBM per min;
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Company Advantages
1. The design of Keepac noodles packing machine is strictly conducted. It is carried out by our designers who think highly of parts and components safety, the whole machine safety, operation safety, and environmental safety. Its compact footprint helps make the most out of any floorplan
2. Due to the dedicated and sincere efforts of our staff, we have established Keepac as a trustworthy organization in the market. Savings, security, and productivity will be increased with this machine
3. Our professional and responsible quality control team ensures that products meet industry standards. This machine can be functioned in both manual and automatic modes
4. Adopt advanced quality testing equipment and methods to ensure the high quality of products. It is highly reliable and provides consistent operation
5. The product meets the most stringent quality requirements and can be used for quite a long time. It is air-, steam-, and water- resistant

Fabrication Feature
The machine runs straight flow design makes accessibility of parts.
It allows the operator to see the entire filling process from the front of the machine during the running. Meantime, it is easy to clean and simply open the front clear transparent doors of the machine and access all bag filling areas.
It takes a few minutes to do the Clean with only one person.
Another feature is all the mechanics are located the back of the machine and the bag filling assembly is in the front. So, Product will be never touched heavy duty, mechanics as they are separated. The most important is the safety protection for the operator.
The machine is full protector which is kept the operator being out of the moving component during the machine running.

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Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-2
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Working Range:

ModelBag WidthBag Length
MDP-S120mm ~ 260 mm120mm ~ 300 mm


Mitsubishi PLC


Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan;

Omron PID Temperature Controller;
Delta 10 inches from Taiwan;Piab Vacuum Generator From Sweden;
Technical Feature:
No bag No dump;
Easy Adjustable;
Low Operating & Maintenance cost;
Multi Bag Format;
InterLock, CE Certificate;

* Panasonic Servo Motor Drive And Screw Shaft track to do the transverse Moving;

Product introduction

1.Safety Protection

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-4

IP66 Application;
Easy Operation, No Key inserted;

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-5
Safety Relay

check and monitor a safety system;
either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine;

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-6
8inches Color Control Panel;

More friendly like Pad operation;
Easy View;

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-7
Easy Adjustable Pouch Magazine

Hand Wheel to adjust pouch magazine for different bag width;

2.Safety Infeed hopper

* Part A is Fixed.
* Part B is inserted up and down into the bag to guide to discharge product.

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-8

3.Transverse Moved Bars on Servo Mini

Please check the photo about the transverse Moving bars which would be moved the filled bag to the sealing station. It would be dipped the U shaped to catch the straight up filled pouch to be moved. This bar is helpful for different application like powder, Liquid.

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-9

4.Important Feature Grippers’ working Position

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-10

Servo Mini’s Grippers

* The Servo Mini Machine is catch the area which is above the zipper. It would be filled more up to zipper area. Its filling area is about 10 + 25mm=35mm. Like the picture.
Especial for the powder application, when the filled bag is straight up after filling, it is easy to push out the powder to build the dusty.
The dusty would be polluted the pouch sealed area. The sealing quality would be leakage or broken.
So The product would be filled more by Servo Mini machine than normal pouch machine because Grippers’ holding position.

Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-11

Current Pouch Machine’s Grippers

* The normal pouch machine is held the position as the photo.
A is Height of the gripper. Its minimum Height is 10mm.
B is Height of the zipper opener and sealing area. Its Minimum height is 25mm;
When the bag is filled, the product level should be at least 25mm lower than the gripper position B. Or else, when the bag is straight up by the grippers, the product would be squeezed out. So It means there is about 10 + 25 + 25=60mm could not be filled for the pouch;


LShaped SS 304 Take Away Conveyor
* Quick Release Fabrication;
* Discharge Output Height 900mm;
* Emergency Stop with Frequency invertor Speed control
Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-12
Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-13
Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-14

Convexity Product Settle

* It would be moved up and down to flap Pouch Bottom to settle and tight the product. It is better than the flat plate.
* The product settle should be worked during the filling. Most of the filling is center on middle of the pouch.
So, the product would be built the ‘little mountain’. It is better to have the convexity product as the pictures show.
When it is flapped the filled pouch bottom by up and down movement, the product would be spread around inside of the pouch.

Zipper Opener (one More Station)
* Open the closed zipper before Filling, It needs the tip above the Zipper to be at least 30mm;
* It works for Closed Zipper Pouch; Minimum Bag Width 100mm;
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Keepac Top snack food packaging machine company for beverage-16

Company Features
1. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. is one of the leading suppliers of noodles packing machine in China. There are strong technical support and experienced designers and workers in Keepac factory.
2. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. has a group of staff full of vitality and enthusiasm.
3. We have a team responsible for exports and distribution. They have years of experience in developing markets. This team helps oversee the distribution of our products to our customer base all over the world. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. is committed to providing high-quality automated packaging machine and comprehensive services. Please contact us!
Keepac snack food packaging machine is designed by our professional designers who strive to achieve economical and efficient water treatment effect, including custom commercial water purification systems for producing high-purity water. This product can last for a long time due to its fatigue resistance
The design of Keepac automated packaging machine is based on the combined theories of the law of seals and the principles of applied science. This product is easy to clean and be sanitized
In order to meet the standards in the textile industry, Keepac automated packaging machine is produced under strict quality control. A number of quality control checks and tests such as size fitting, colorfastness, and color matte are carried out. This product can be a good choice in industrial environments that experience high temperatures or very low pH
The assembly process of Keepac noodles packing machine involves various stages. This includes adding solder paste to the PCB board, picking and placing components, and soldering. This product is highly resistant to shock and vibration
Keepac snack food packaging machine is developed under the combined theory of foot biomechanics and orthopedics. It is designed with the purpose of providing an ideal foot and lower limb structure for shoe wearing. Its thicknesses, widths, and lengths are highly customizable according to the needs of customers
The product is widely applied in offices, schools, and study rooms. It is absolutely an ideal gift for office staffs, teachers, and students. Its anti-corrosion property allows it to be used with harsh or acidic chemicals, freshwater, and saltwater
This product contains no harmful substances. Materials used in it are all biodegradable, and hence cause no harm to the land and water. It is seamless in structure, which eliminates the chance of accumulating bacteria
The product is a great addition to any workspace, schools or study rooms. User group of this product ranges from students to office workers. Its durability and tensile strength make it resistant to fracture and breakage
The product is not easy to break or deform, offering better performance and durability in the workplace, schools, and study rooms. This product can last for a long time due to its fatigue resistance
High quality is one of the biggest selling points of this product. It is not subject to break or fading even it is used for a long time. This product is free of burrs and cracks
This is truly great shoes. So comfortable and supportive. I feel secure in it. - One of our customers said. Its diameter can be customized according to needs
Some of our purchasers say this high-quality product help increase their gifts shop's sales and greatly reduces customer complaints and return goods rate. This product can last for a long time due to its fatigue resistance
The product provides people with a safe and dry place that will keep their guests comfortable even if the weather isn’t cooperative. Its strength enables it to withstand vibrations
Many of our customers appreciate that it is highly resistant to corrosion even it is applied in the humid environment. This product features the desired hardness and tension
One of the healthcare practitioners said that this product is durable and reliable. It helps me finish my work in a better way. It features a protective coating that helps prevent rust
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