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Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food

Brand Name
Place of Origin
Start Port
OEM/ODM Availability
Delivery Time
65 Days
Bag shape
Standup Pouch, 3sides Sealed Pouch, zipper bag;
Max Speed
17 BPM with 1s Discharge Filling time;
220V/50/60HZ Single Phase 5 Amps
6Kg/cm2, 0.14CBM per min;
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Company Advantages
1. Keepac snack packaging machine is produced under a complete sophisticated production process, including forging and pressing, mechanical processing, cleaning, and surface treating. It features high precision, minimal maintenance, and trouble-free output
2. The product has the advantages of low cost, strong applicability, showing a vast market prospect. It keeps new after years of use thanks to the coating process
3. Our clients greatly trust the product for its unmatched quality and long-lasting performance. It can be designed to project requirements, such as material, pouch styles, and speed, etc
4. chips packaging machine endows with excellent technique and stable quality. It is widely used in food fields
5. The product is the primary choice of customers worldwide for its high performance. This machine is easy and convenient to operate

Fabrication Feature
The machine runs straight flow design makes accessibility of parts.
It allows the operator to see the entire filling process from the front of the machine during the running. Meantime, it is easy to clean and simply open the front clear transparent doors of the machine and access all bag filling areas.
It takes a few minutes to do the Clean with only one person.
Another feature is all the mechanics are located the back of the machine and the bag filling assembly is in the front. So, Product will be never touched heavy duty, mechanics as they are separated. The most important is the safety protection for the operator.
The machine is full protector which is kept the operator being out of the moving component during the machine running.

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-1
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-2
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-3

Working Range:

ModelBag WidthBag Length
MDP-S120mm ~ 260 mm120mm ~ 300 mm


Mitsubishi PLC


Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan;

Omron PID Temperature Controller;
Delta 10 inches from Taiwan;Piab Vacuum Generator From Sweden;
Technical Feature:
No bag No dump;
Easy Adjustable;
Low Operating & Maintenance cost;
Multi Bag Format;
InterLock, CE Certificate;

* Panasonic Servo Motor Drive And Screw Shaft track to do the transverse Moving;

Product introduction

1.Safety Protection

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-4

IP66 Application;
Easy Operation, No Key inserted;

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-5
Safety Relay

check and monitor a safety system;
either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine;

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-6
8inches Color Control Panel;

More friendly like Pad operation;
Easy View;

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-7
Easy Adjustable Pouch Magazine

Hand Wheel to adjust pouch magazine for different bag width;

2.Safety Infeed hopper

* Part A is Fixed.
* Part B is inserted up and down into the bag to guide to discharge product.

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-8

3.Transverse Moved Bars on Servo Mini

Please check the photo about the transverse Moving bars which would be moved the filled bag to the sealing station. It would be dipped the U shaped to catch the straight up filled pouch to be moved. This bar is helpful for different application like powder, Liquid.

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-9

4.Important Feature Grippers’ working Position

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-10

Servo Mini’s Grippers

* The Servo Mini Machine is catch the area which is above the zipper. It would be filled more up to zipper area. Its filling area is about 10 + 25mm=35mm. Like the picture.
Especial for the powder application, when the filled bag is straight up after filling, it is easy to push out the powder to build the dusty.
The dusty would be polluted the pouch sealed area. The sealing quality would be leakage or broken.
So The product would be filled more by Servo Mini machine than normal pouch machine because Grippers’ holding position.

Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-11

Current Pouch Machine’s Grippers

* The normal pouch machine is held the position as the photo.
A is Height of the gripper. Its minimum Height is 10mm.
B is Height of the zipper opener and sealing area. Its Minimum height is 25mm;
When the bag is filled, the product level should be at least 25mm lower than the gripper position B. Or else, when the bag is straight up by the grippers, the product would be squeezed out. So It means there is about 10 + 25 + 25=60mm could not be filled for the pouch;


LShaped SS 304 Take Away Conveyor
* Quick Release Fabrication;
* Discharge Output Height 900mm;
* Emergency Stop with Frequency invertor Speed control
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-12
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-13
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-14

Convexity Product Settle

* It would be moved up and down to flap Pouch Bottom to settle and tight the product. It is better than the flat plate.
* The product settle should be worked during the filling. Most of the filling is center on middle of the pouch.
So, the product would be built the ‘little mountain’. It is better to have the convexity product as the pictures show.
When it is flapped the filled pouch bottom by up and down movement, the product would be spread around inside of the pouch.

Zipper Opener (one More Station)
* Open the closed zipper before Filling, It needs the tip above the Zipper to be at least 30mm;
* It works for Closed Zipper Pouch; Minimum Bag Width 100mm;
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-15
Keepac efficient chips packaging machine customized for food-16

Company Features
1. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. is a pioneer in the area of chips packaging machine domestically. With the development of society, the technical strength of Keepac continues to increase.
2. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. sticks to the excellent material selection, advanced production technology application and strict environmental standards.
3. Keepac has been excelled in its technology. Keepac will provide quality services to bring maximum benefit to our customers. Call now!
KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. is more technically advanced in manufacturing chips packaging machine.
By a well selected set of chips packaging machine material, snack packaging machine finally possesses the properties of chips packaging machine.
Many customers choose our chips packaging machine because of quality assurance.
snack packaging machine has a vast range of prospects with its unique chips packaging machine.
The features of chips packaging machine make it simple and easy to handle.
The product is able to last for a long time. Its electrical components are highly integrated and sturdy enough to stand up any forms of impacts and bumps.
The product stands out for its overload protection system. It is built with effective fuses and circuit breakers to prevent electrical hazards caused by overloading.
It comes with the desired durability. The testing is done by simulating the load-bearing during the expected full life span of a mattress. And the results show it is extremely durable under testing conditions.
The product is safe enough. It is EMC and RF compliant and is able to function properly per performance requirements without interfering or being interfered by other devices.
The product is UV ray resistant. It is treated with an anti-ultraviolet finish to allow it to be exposed under sunlight.
This product can have an effect on the subconscious mind. It convinces people to read the content on it with an appealing appearance.
It creates a brand identity. The innovative graphic design on it shows that the packaged goods are more than just any other goods.
The packaging is the front line of marketing. Through design and marketing communications, this product can help sell merchandise and differentiate them from similar ones. It can also help promote branding.
This product helps minimize damages. This product gives one the ability to use exact dimensions for the merchandise so that it will be safe while on transit.
It creates the first impression of the goods. As the first point of contact, it will leave an unforgettable unboxing experience.
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