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Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage

Brand Name
Place of Origin
Start Port
OEM/ODM Availability
Delivery Time
65 Days
Bag shape
Standup Pouch, Zipper bag, 3 side seal bag;
Max Speed
30 BPM
220V/60HZ 1Phase 5 Amps
6Kg/cm2, 0.14CBM per min;
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Application Scope
packing machine is available in a wide range of applications, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, hotel supplies, metal materials, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, and machinery.KEEPACKAGING always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.
Product Details
With the dedication to pursue excellence, KEEPACKAGING strives for perfection in every detail. doypack machine is manufactured based on good materials and advanced production technology. It is stable in performance, excellent in quality, high in durability, and good in safety.
Company Advantages
1. In order to strictly control quality, KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. selects candy packing machine as raw material.
2. industrial packing machine comes with such advantages as candy packing machine in comparison with other similar products.
3. Compared with the other industrial packing machine , candy packing machine introduced by KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. has more advantages.
4. This product is market-oriented and has been accepted by numerous customers.

Structure Feature
The machine runs straight flow design makes accessibility of parts;
It allows the operator to see the entire filling process from the front of the machine during the running. Meantime, it is easy to clean and simply open the front clear transparent doors of the machine and access all bag filling areas;
It takes a few minutes to do the Clean with only one person;
Another feature is all the mechanics are located the back of the machine and the bag filling assembly is in the front. So, product will be never touched heavy duty, mechanics as they are separated. The most important is the safety protection for the operator; The machine is full protector which is kept the operator being out of the moving component during the machine running;

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-1
Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-2
Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-3

Working Range:

ModelBag WidthBag Length
Linear Doypack Machine 210120mm ~ 210 mm140mm ~ 280 mm
Linear Doypack Machine 260150mm ~260 mm150mm ~ 350 mm


Mitsubishi PLC


Pneumatics component SMC;
Omron PID Temperature Controller;
Winview 10 inches from Taiwan;Piab Vacuum Generator From Sweden;
SEW Motor Drive;

Technical Feature:
No bag No dump;
Easy Adjustable;
Low Operating & Maintenance cost;
Multi Bag Format;
InterLock, CE/UL Certificate;

Product introduction

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-4

1.Pouches Auto Feeder

* Good for Standup Pouch, with/without zipper like the photo
* That is the most important for the machine whatever its running speed is.
* When the standup pouch are stacked together, They would be bent up to effected the pouch position.
From the photos, It is easy to find out the zipper and gusset bottom are bent up so much. So, the pouches stack are bent as a "U" shape.
If the machine was run the pouch directly without any pouch’s correction settlement, it is easy for the pouch to be out of running position.
This pouches feeder could be settled this issue;
* Auto Feed the pouch to the machine to run continuously;
* There are two pouch magazines. When pouch magazine is running out, the machine would be Switched automatically to pick up the bag from one magazine to another one;
It would be run-in turn. It is helpful for the operator to reload the bags;
* Easy Adjustable pouch magazine;
* It is fine for the pouch magazine to be taken maximum 90pcs pouch on each pouch magazine. It means two sets magazine could be put about 180pcs.
When the pouch is taken down on the conveyor, the conveyor would be settled the U shape issue. And it would be moved to be correct its position for machine to pick up.

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-5
Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-6

2.Gas Flush Opening; Opens the bag completely

There are two photo sensors are two sides of the top holder, Front and backward. When both sensors are taken the bag together, it means the bag is opened. The machine would be flushed the gas into the bag to open the bag completely. If one of two sensors could not be taken the bag, it means the bag is not opened. The machine would not do the filling even if the infeed hopper or filling nozzle is coming down. But no filling;

3.Horizontal 304 Take Away Conveyor with Quick Release Fabrication;

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-7


Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-8


Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-9

Safety Protection Cover

4.Filling Stations;

* Part A is Fixed.
* Part B is inserted up and down into the bag to guide to discharge product.

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-10

Keepac corner industrial packing machine factory for beverage-11

5.Convexity Product Settle

* It would be moved up and down to flap Pouch Bottom to settle and tight the product. It is better than the flat plate.
* The product settle should be worked during the filling. Most of the filling is center on middle of the pouch.
So, the product would be built the ‘little mountain’. It is better to have the convexity product as the pictures show.
When it is flapped the filled pouch bottom by up and down movement, the product would be spread around inside of the pouch.

Company Features
1. It is widely popular that Keepac brand now leads the industrial packing machine industry.
2. We are working towards a larger market share in the overseas markets. We focus on expanding sale channels, learning from strong peers, and improving product quality. Now, we have established a strong customer base.
3. KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. aims to enhance the brand's reputation and promote customer development. Get more info! KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. will direct the dry food packing machine marketplace in the near future. Get more info!
dry food packing machine from KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. mainly uses high-end dry food packing machine materials. Its nice design makes it perfect for contemporary design interior and creative settings
industrial packing machine is of various candy packing machine to meet the needs of different customers. The use of this product will boost working productivity
dry food packing machine has trickled in candy packing machine market as a hot product. Giving the space a visual appeal, it brings workers' a good mood throughout the day
industrial packing machine from KEEPACKAGING CO., LTD. have a wide range of material category. This product sells well in the USA, Russia, Germany, India, and South Africa
industrial packing machine shows excellent characteristics of candy packing machine materials. Its shape and color are highly customizable
Strict quality control process runs through the whole production process and eliminates the possible defects. This product helps improve people's happiness index in the offices
Product quality has been improved due to the implementation of a strict quality management system. The product is built to last for decades
The product's unparalleled features due to its stable performance and powerful features have been widely praised by customers. CNC manufacturing technology guarantees its high dimension stability
Regular product quality audit is carried out to ensure reliable product quality. It is distinguished by good bearing capacity
In our strict quality assurance procedures, any defects in the product are avoided or eliminated. The product has the advantage of stain resistance
This product plays an important role in the professional life of space designers. They use it as the main tool to give different looks to different spaces. All its edges and corners have been finely rounded to guard against injury
This product could be a smart investment. Because it endures for a long time, it actually helps save people's money in the long run. The product has a sturdy and strong structure
The product is able to complement any modern room style with its desired aesthetics, providing a room with comfort and relaxation. The product aims to create a harmonious and beautiful working environment from a totally new perspective
People can trust that it is formaldehyde-free and is healthy, safe, and harmless to use. It poses no health risk even is used for a long time. It gives out a sense of aesthetical appeal to satisfie people's spiritual pursuit for interior finish
This product is able to make the function of a space tangible and fleshes out the vision of the space designer from mere flash and ornamentation to usable form. It gives out a sense of aesthetical appeal to satisfie people's spiritual pursuit for interior finish
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