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2014 KeePac Company Trip to Huizhou



Huizhou is located in the southeast of guangdong province, northeast of the pearl river delta, south China sea daya bay in the south, adjacent to shenzhen, Hong Kong, China in addition to the shenzhen distance Hong Kong city recently.Huizhou city pearl river delta economic zone, jurisdiction, huiyang district, huizhou districts and boluo, huidong county, longmen county, three county, daya bay economic and technological development zone and ZhongKai two state-level development zone high-tech industrial development zone. Huizhou natural resources, especially tourism resources are very abundant.Combines the natural landscape and human landscape in one, which is included in the national and provincial scenic spot and six natural reserves, have "lingnan first mountain" - luofu mountain, oasis on the tropic of cancer - south kunshan, the xunliao bay, the "Oriental Hawaii" and "Zhuluoxizi" - huizhou west lake, and the only sea turtle nature reserve, etc.

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