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2013 KeePac Company Trip to Shaoguan



As China's Excellent Tourist City, Shaoguan has distinctive natural scenery. There are 19 national spots including the scenic spots, preserves, forest parks, important temples and cultural relics. The national AAAA level scenic spots Dan Xia Mountain, Ru Yuan Grand Canyon, the Golden Rooster Mountain present the wonderful natural landscaping. The Buddhism holy places including Nanhua Temple and Yunmen Temple, the birthplaces of stone culture, and Maba lion Cragreveal the centuries old human culture. Both of them are fully fledged into series.9 Torrents and 18 Shoal Drifting by Raft and the Visitation to Yao Nationality are totally native sights. Shaoguan has become one of the top four hot tourist routes in Guandong Province.

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