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2016 Shanghai Propack Show Report

Packaging Deliver Value is our main theme on this Shanghai Propack show, as the most leading professional mini doypack machine designer and builder in China, Keepac has been engaged in R&D and improving our goods in order to create the best value to our clients since 2010, with
the years experience and efforts, we released our 3rd generation mini doypack machine as shown on our stand, considering food hygiency and safety, no holes and no gap on the mechanical design and build; with the leading feature of auto-alarm system and more friendly H.M.I control for easy operation; Equiped with high quality SMC pnenumatic parts for dustproof purpose, which is workable for various food/non food project and premade pouch styles, such as 3 side seal, standup with zipper or no zipper, gusset, box or sprout, etc, various options and full line are available as per your request. Additionally, our weight filler partner Miniweigh exhibited tabletop weight filler 1head and Easy-Belt new released vaccum conveyor on our standard.
We're really enjoying the meetings with the clients from South Korean, Jordan, India and Canada
or USA, and share with our story, sample project photos and videos through TV demo, and also
talked about the new potential project with clients., too.



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