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2017 Keepac Domestic Packaging Exhibition News

Welcome to see us in 2017 Guangshou Sinopack and Shanghai Propack Show.
Keepac is the first mover on mini doy pack machine designer and manufacturer in China since 2010, with the advantage of our modern facility, expertise team and successful stories, we're able to design and build various mini doypack solution according to your project requirements, such as material, pouch styles and speed, etc in order to optimizing productivity and profits so that your business can quickly adapt to the marketing continual challeges.



Contact: Mr. John Ouyang

Phone: +86 13380244498

Tel: +86 0757-25510020


Add: 2 No.6 Xincheng West Road Xincheng Industry Area Shapu , Jun’an Town Shunde Foshan City Guangdong Provice, China.

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